Monday, August 3, 2009

The Hangover

Fellas…. Lemme take you through this funny, weird and amazing story of an autobot known as Lee’s comp.

I was at home.. on a Saturday night. Staring at the screen and hoping to engage myself with some interesting chat. What a waste of Saturday night. Hence I saw my friend Lee online and without any hesitation I popped the question. Lee… will you drink with.. do you want to spend your entire Saturday night partying with me….and the answer was Yes J

I reached his place by 11 pm. Half a bottle of vodka for me, Half a bottle of Whiskey for him and couple of beers were promptly and neatly set on the table. On the way to his place…. I stopped to buy 10 Milds..and first time in my life.. the paan shop vendor was cribbing to give me more than 4 cigarettes. Apparently that was the last pack he had and he wanted to smoke the rest…. Very weird. I somehow negotiated for him to give me 8 milds atleast. Anyway.. chuck it.. totally out of context with respect to how Lee got this comp drunk.

We started off with Beer and few smokes. Very dopy music from some random site called weeds (a must listen). Then we slowly graduated to more affirmative music and to our respective vodka whiskey…and of course more smokes.

It was 1 am.. or 1:30 am.. where the alcohol had smoothly and effortlessly blended with our thinking. I could just feel it guiding me to loosen myself and take a deep dive into the music that the autobot was playing. This particular comp has been there through the thick and thin off all the parties. It has always acted as a catalyst to cheer u up… to take you the one state higher that you already are.

I had had enough of Vodka… and Lee forced me for another drink. The mix of thumps up and vodka is just delusional and impossible to deny. I had a sip of the glass and placed it on the CPU and continued to explore the trance I was already in. Lee was dancing… I won’t call it dancing.. it was more like fits attack. I joined him in the tribal dance on this so called disturbed song called down with the sickness. During the end of the song… Lee was all excited to play the next song.. for which he went towards the comp.. and in all the enthusiasm he somehow managed to topple the glass of vodka I had kept.

For his bad luck.. the CPU case was open… and the CPU was forced to absorb the holy drink. Now comes the part when I just couldn’t stop laughing… hahahahahhahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.

I was rolling on the floor.. and Lee had this shock on his face. He had just managed to short the freaking motherboard. I was stunned.. and stood in front of the comp in disbelief. He wasn’t sure whether to laugh along with me or mourn for his dear comp. The best thing he could think of was … he just ran across the room… dragged his roommate Vineet and said “ Dude… I just short my comp.. do something”.

Vineet was way too busy in the war of worlds of warcraft where in he was battling with 25 men across the world. He just looked at the whole scene.. which was hilarious.. just gave one smile.. and said..” let it dry man.. its cool.. it will recover on its own”.

All this while I was rolling on the floor. …literally and laughing my ass off. We laughed so much that we slept off.

I got up in the morning, woke up Lee to say goodbye. I saw the comp.. and the whole scene just rushed into my head. There I was… laughing away in glory. Lee tried his best to control and ignore the laughter. I had a good smoke and left…feeling pretty bad that we will never be able to party there again. I was hoping that the comp will recover the short and get back to what it does the best.

Lee called me couple of times during the day.. and was still very dismal and annoyed that the comp was still screwed. We concluded saying it got the best end.. it earned it… and deserved it. It got drunk and died.

Its 1:30 am next day… I was watching some random movie.. Lee calls with this excited voice and says… “ Dude… the comp is done with the hangover. Its back”. I couldn’t believe it… what the heck.. I mean.. I dunno what I mean. How the hell did it just recover all of a sudden exactly after 24 hours.

And this is the story my friends I wanted to share. Just truly amusing to its core with the brilliance of the autobot : Lee’s comp. So moral of the story is.. no problem.. get your comp drunk.. it will just recover. Hence the comp lived happily ever after.

Its party timeeee!!!!!!!!!!!

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